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Every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. GMT and 21:00 p.m. GMT, a great number of English Language Teachers from all over the world log into their Twitter account and for one hour hold an online discussion (chat) on a topic they have selected.

On 29 Feb the topic was

“If you could recommend one particular webtool for the classroom, what would it be, and why?”This is the summary of the discussions in that # eltchat <http://eltchat.com/>


 The results are useful to pretty much any teacher.


From LMS to MLE to VLE to PLE?

[As posted to ict-learning email discussion list 30-Sep-07 http://lyris.education.tas.gov.au:8080/read/messages?id=39489]

I have just finished listening to a presentation titled  Can MOODLE become more SUPPLE? from the New Zealand Moodle Moot which finished yesterday (mentioned on Stephen Downes’ OLDaily e-newsletter).

The presentation discusses the need for traditional LMS/VLE systems (which are essentially Web 1.0 technologies) to move on and embrace Web 2.0 and thus morph into PLEs – Personalised Learning Environments. The presenter makes a case for Moodle being ahead of the game in this regard because of its open philosophy. Regardless of your views in the LMS wars, the discussion about learning design and how educational thinking needs to move on so that student use of web 2.0 is acknowledged and made use of, is great food for thought. The presentation is in Slideshare so you see the slides and hear the audio.

Moodlemoot website is at http://www.elearning.org.nz/ One of the most interesting slides in the presentation is one taken from another place. It shows a future possibility where educational organisations focus on providing the infrastructure and tools to collect learning evidence from whatever sources the student chooses to use.  See visual representation of this

People thinking about Web 2.0 tools in school education

Some postings on oz-teachers this week included recommended links to people keeping their finger on the pulse and thinking deeply about the use of Web 2.0 tools in education.

and following on from their popular presentations on Web 2.0 at ACEC2006:

Alan Levine in Hobart

Alan Levine visited Hobart as part of his Australian speaking tour. I was lucky enough to join him for dinner with colleagues Jo and Frankie and Jo’s partner Nick. His workshop in Hobart was a sell-out and has received many glowing accolades. His presentation notes are available on the special blog he set up for his Australian tour – cogdogroo.wordpress.com. He cleverly fed this via RSS to his mainstream CogDogBlog site.

Follow the Australian tour.

and specifically…

Hobart workshop and specifically 50 ways to tell a Web 2.0 Story