Web tools recommendations for teachers

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…. via Ken Price email to tas-it list

Every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. GMT and 21:00 p.m. GMT, a great number of English Language Teachers from all over the world log into their Twitter account and for one hour hold an online discussion (chat) on a topic they have selected.

On 29 Feb the topic was

“If you could recommend one particular webtool for the classroom, what would it be, and why?”This is the summary of the discussions in that # eltchat <http://eltchat.com/>


 The results are useful to pretty much any teacher.


Importance of course design

This quote from a Tony Bates post  – a student guide to studying online (via Stephen Downes OLDaily) applies to all sectors, not just the post secondary which is his main focus 

 “Well designed courses do provide strong guidelines for when work, and what kind of work (writing assignments, tests or online class discussion), needs to be done. Poorly designed courses place much more onus on the student to organize their work, although a well designed program will deliberately encourage more and more independence and self-management as students progress through the program.”

23 things online course

I have decided to re-enroll in this course which is being offered through Skills Tasmania. I like to regularly do online courses as a means of keeping up to date and ongoing reflection on online learning and teaching. There are few better ways to learn about being an online teacher or designing learning for online than being an online student! My good intentions first time round were hijacked by the usual demands of a busy working life so this time, I am scheduling two one hour slots per week as a disciplined way to maintain the commitment. I wonder if it will fee like enough time to stay on track and contribute to the learning community? Unfortunately I am unable to attend the startup face to face workshop but I think that is a really good feature that the facilitators have built in.